09 August 2013

H54F #1

I had a pretty good week this week, so I thought I would participate in Lauren's H54F link-up!


I took Monday off to ride around Minnesota with my stepdad in his rig.  It was a cool way to see more of my state. Truckers are of three types I deduced in my travels 1) crotchety old men 2) hot young truckers 3)female truckers who scared the poop out of me.  I was in a truck stop restroom and a lady trucker yelled at me, asking if I was going to flush, SORRY! I thought it was automatic flush. My bad.


One of my best work friends has been in the hospital battling meningitis, and on Wednesday, she was ready for visitors so one of my other co-workers went down to see her!  I've missed her at work! So while her being in the hospital isn't a happy thing, the fact that I was able to go see her was!


Wednesday I got an email from my sweet Grandma just checking in on me to see how I was doing.  I love when she just emails to say she was thinking of me!


I'm going down to Iowa this weekend for the Knoxville Nationals which are the elite Sprint car races.  I'm pretty excited.  This is my second year going.  


While I'm down in Iowa, I get to meet my bloggy bestie, Jayme!  I will have a full recap on Monday! 

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  1. Yay - I can't wait to hear about meeting your sweet blog friend. {I'm totally catching up on blogs from being on vacation - - so, you've probably blogged about this already....I'll get to it eventually..haha}.


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