15 August 2013

Stolen in the night.

A. Attached or Single - Single and not quite sure if I'm ready to mingle.  lol. 

B. Best Friend- If I had to pick, it'd either be Bee or Jayme.  
 C. Cake or Pie- Cheesecake! 

D. Day of Choice- Saturday or Sunday afternoon :)  

E. Essential Item- My iPhone.

F. Favorite Color- Red.  

G. Gummy Bears or Worms- Either or.  

H. Hometown? Elk River & Burnsville, MN.  

I. Favorite Indulgence- Mike's Hard Lemonade Black Cherry.  

J. January or July - Hmm. Right now, I'd say January, but ask me in January and I'd say July.  

K. Kids? Nooooope.  

L. Life isn't Complete Without- A great family and friends.  

M. Marriage Date- I always thought it would be cool to get married on a date like 11.11.11 but that ship has already sailed, but then I though about 12.13.14, but seeing as I don't have even a boyfriend yet, I don't think that's gonna be feasible either.  

N. Number of Brothers and Sisters- 1 biological brother, 2 half-brothers, a half sister, 2 stepsisters and a stepbrother.  

O. Oranges or Apples- Oranges. 

P. Phobias / Fears? That I'm gonna get kidnapped.  Watching the Call on Monday night, probably didn't help matters.  

Q. Quotes- My favorite right now is a song lyric of Brantley Gilbert's: If you can't live it down, might as well live it up, yeah, forgiveness is yours in the hands of the Lord.  

R. Reasons to Smile- inside jokes.  Unexpected visits at work from family and friends.  

S. Season of Choice- Fall.  

T. Tag 5 People- Anyone who wants to do it.

U. Unknown Fact About Me: I'm more often than not, cold. Which would explain why I always have a hoodie with me.  

V. Vegetable- Cooked carrots.  
W. Worst Habit- I can be a bit complainy at times.  

X. Xray or Ultrasound- X-rays for different reasons.  

Y. Your Favorite Food- I love a good burger.  

Z. Zodiac Sign- Aries.  


  1. Fun! I love that quote and I'm pretty much nothing without my iphone either..haha


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