12 August 2013

I Had Two Shots and a Roll in the Hay with A Southern Hurricane.

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a really long time.  I took a long weekend with my mom and our family to go down to the Knoxville Nationals, which are sprint car races, the best of the entire year.  We went down Thursday afternoon, it's about a four hour drive from our town in Minnesota to Altoona, IA, which is where we were staying.

Thursday night, I got to meet one of my oldest blog friends, Jayme. Oh boy, was it an adventure! We were going to meet up last year, but it just didn't work out, and then when I found out we were going down again for this year, we started making plans to hang out.  Then, in June, she texted me saying there's a new country bar that just opened, and I knew what we would be doing when I went down.  We had both googled this place, The Horney Bull, it was called, and we were so excited because they had a mechanical bull and you could dance on pickup tailgates and it was over 10,000 sq. feet.  We drove to the spot where it was supposed to be and NOTHING!

how Jayme and I felt when we found out Horney Bull wasn't around anymore :(

We looked for other country bars and came up with Shotgun Betty's.  We had so much fun!  That's where my title comes from, Jayme helped me take my first shot, and then I got a roll in the hay and then two southern hurricanes, I didn't feel anything after the first hurricane and first shot.  We took photobooth pictures, I requested a few songs and we yelled them at the top of our lungs(okay that was mostly me!), then we decided that we were gonna go outside and do a vlog, which we thought was pretty hilarious in our state, still waiting for the bestest to send me a copy of it, so I can watch it...sober.

I know I've talked about my best friend before on le blog, but meeting her was absolutely amazing!  The one decision we're changing for next year, is going out on Friday, instead of Thursday!  Anyways, she has started a new blog(yes, she has blogged before!) and I would love if you guys would all go over and say hey!  Her blog is Future Mrs. DC.  

Friday was a day of just relaxing and recovering from the night before.  We did a little shopping, went out to Pizza Ranch for lunch and then while the majority of the group went to the second night of the race, my mom,  younger brother and I hung out at the hotel and watched a movie, Broken City, which was a good drama!  It had lots of eye candy too! Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Kyle Chandler to name a few!  

Saturday was my day to go to the races, so I bummed around the hotel until that evening when it was time to get ready to go.  I love this kind of racing, there's just something fun and exciting about dirt track racing!  My first two picks didn't win, but the defending winner and my third pick did win!  

Sunday was spent driving to my aunt and uncle's to pick our other vehicle up(we went with them and took one of each of our vehicles.), and then I watched the race, and just tried to get back into real life after being gone for a long weekend.  

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  1. How fun that you guys got to meet! I bet that vlog is hilarious! ;)

  2. The vlog is the best! Hey, will more people read me if I do these link up things?


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