27 June 2013

Music Mashup!

All right y'all, today's the day for the Music Mashup!

We're excited to host our very first linkup & hope you guys have fun!

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They Call Her Meghan

So first things first, putting my iPhone on shuffle and seeing what are the first twenty songs that come up...
1.Amazed- Scotty McCreery's American Idol performance
2.The Best Day by George Strait
3.Just Give me a Reason by P!NK
4.Glass by Thompson Square
5.God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton
6. Brokenheartsville by Joe Nichols
7. Streets of Heaven by Sherrie Austin
8. Monday Morning Church by Alan Jackson
9. Baggage Claim by Miranda Lambert
10.Fill in the Blank by Greg Bates
11. I Just Want to Dance with You by George Strait
12.July in Cheyenne by Aaron Watson
13.Voices by Chris Young
14.What I Need To Do by Kenny Chesney
15.Uncloudy Day by Toby Keith
16.Hypnotize the Moon by Clay Walker
17.She Let Herself Go by George Strait
18.Tattoos on this Town by Jason Aldean
19.One More Day by Rocket Club
20.The Baby by Blake Shelton

Not surprised to see 19 of the 20 were country.  Also not surprised that King George made the list three times! 

What was the first CD that you bought?

The first CD I bought with my own money would be Tim McGraw's Greatest Hits.  & I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere at my mom's house.  

What song or album has had the most impact on you or changed you the most?

I remember when I was 15 or 16, on the way to our cabin, we took both vehicles, my stepmom, stepsister and I in one car and my dad and brothers in another, and Lynn popped in Garth Brooks' live album and we jammed out to that the whole way there, making up a dance for two pina coladas, and singing along to Friends in Low Places.  So I'd say the live album of Garth's really has had memories attached to it, I still love it 5 or 6 years later.  

Most embarrassing song on my iPhone?

Hmm. It's kind of sad how much I love JT's Suit and Tie, otherwise nothing too overly embarrassing.  

First concert you attended?

First one I can remember is Casting Crowns.  They're an awesome Christian band.  

Song with the most plays on your itunes account?

I don't really use Itunes, but the most played song on there is Somebody's Hero by Jamie O'Neal.  It's my song for my stepmomma. 

Show us your lock screen

& my lock screen is this, which I found on Pinterest!

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  1. Not sure why, but it says the linky isn't open yet. Also, the button code isn't taking. So far I've copy and pasted it into my blog post that I will try to have done by later today.


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