06 June 2013

I Confess...

I haven't done a confessional post in a while, possibly ever, so I thought I'd do one now. 

I confess...that sometimes I feel like the blogging world is SO judgmental and it can be very clique-y. I also confess that sometimes I let it get to me way too much, because I have a group of great blog friends that I love dearly! (the other confessions aren't nearly as deep, I promise!)

I confess that I used to be deathly afraid of automatic flushing toilets, but it now drives me crazy when a public toilet isn't an automatic flush.  

I confess that I have a huge woman crush on Miranda Lambert. 

I confess that I am a country girl through and through, but am obsessed with JT's Mirrors and Give me a Reason by P!NK

I confess that it drives me nuts when people are rude.  I didn't think it was too difficult to open a door or say thank you, but apparently it is. Mady tells me I have too high of expectations, I told her she's crazy.  

I confess that I used the expression cray cray the other day when describing a person on Days of Our Lives and now my stepmom is saying it. 

I confess that I've enjoyed the extra time I've been spending with my stepmom this last week, even if she is an indecisive shopper!  

So what are you confessing today?


  1. I'm LOL'ing at your confessions. I'm totally frightened of automatic flush toilets, too!!

    Kids these days have the WORST manners!! It's sad!

    And I've never been much a JT fan, but considering KDWB plays his songs 24/7 now - I'm starting to like a few of them! :)

  2. Please and thank you have become so rare lately it's kind of sad, we are trying to teach our little one that even if people show no real appreciation to do what is right.

  3. My confession is that I HATE the phrase cray cray but I still use it on occasion! Haha


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