04 December 2015

oh hey friday favorites//take a picture.

We've made it to Friday & I'm actually off today, that deserves a celebration! This week has been nuts and I'm sure it's not going to slow down in the next month. I can do this yes? YES!

Instagram is probably my favorite platform of social media, followed closely by Pinterest, because I can share whatever my heart desires below a picture & there is something so real about IG.

I was scrolling through my feed & I saw that I had a number of unique hashtags & I thought I'd share a few of them, as well as a description of what I share & the most popular picture from each one.

1//#meghandoes2015 is my hashtag where I share my daily pictures, I have never been able to take a picture a day for 365 days before. This is my year!(hopefully, I'm a little behind!)

2//#onmeghansheart is the hashtag I use when posting things that are a little deeper and more personal to me.

3//#sistersforlifebestfriendsforever is my hashtag for any picture I share that has to do with Mady and I. That's our motto for our relationship, we are sisters for life & best friends forever.  Love my sissy!

4//#xosqueezebox is the hashtag I use for pictures relating to my work momma and I. A lot of our facebook convos get shared because let's face it we're hilarious. The most popular picture is actually a picture of us though!

So as I wrote above #MeghanDoes2015 is my hashtag where I share my photo a day pictures, and I'm hoping to continue that habit into 2016, and I need suggestions for next year's hashtag...throw your best at me!

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