01 December 2015

December Goals.

Since I did pretty well with my goals from November, I decided to set goals once again for December!

-Get all my medical bills situated//ER visits are expensive you guys! I want to budget and get them all paid off or set up on payment plans.

-Finish the books that I'm in midst of reading//I've got three or four that are in various stages of being read that I just need to finish!

-Read 3 new books//As well as the above, I want to read three new books!

-Enjoy my grandparents being home//My grandparents fly home within the next week and I can't wait to hug them and show my Grandpa my brace-less smile!

-Write each day//I really want to start the Morning Words journaling technique I've seen floating around the writing and blogging world.

-Recap my year//Pretty self explanatory, I want to do a series of best of or favorites of 2015 posts.

-Look forward to 2016//I want to get my goals fleshed out for the new year!

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2015?


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