25 February 2013

Win My Heart.

So for whatever reason, I thought I would write today about how you can show me you love me, how to win my heart persay,  

-Be my friend-
Before you try and be more than that, talk to me, get to know me as a friend.  Ask me about myself, my likes and my dislikes.  Tell me about yourself, I love hearing peoples stories and how they got to be where they are at.  

-Love my family-
I am nothing without my family.  From my sisters to my grandparents, you'll never meet kinder people & they love me unconditionally.  I will talk about them a lot, only because they mean so much to me, if you wanna be talked about like that, accept them, befriend them & love them.  

-Dance with me-
One of the suckiest things is going to a wedding single, because no one wants to dance alone.  Dance with me often, in public and in private too. 

-Be honest-
I am one of the most trusting people you will ever meet, until you screw me over.  Be honest with me, I'm loyal to a fault & I will love you until the day I die if you are honest with me.  

-Laugh with me-
I love to laugh and come from a family that loves to laugh.  Know how to joke and laugh with me and at me.  Be able to laugh at yourself, I find it sexy.  

-Hug me-
Hug me.  I love giving hugs almost as much as receiving hugs.  Hug me a lot.  Hug me hard, hug me soft, hug me often.  I'm saving my first kiss for marriage, but you can and please do hug me a lot. 

-Wear wranglers & cowboy boots-
This one is a fun one.  I don't find guys who look prettier than I do attractive.  Please know how to get your hands dirty & know how to work hard.  Put on a worn pair of cowboy boots and Wrangler jeans on, and I'll be putty to you.  There's something about a hard working man that makes me tick.  

you know your google reader has become ridiculous when you write a new post before you read everyone else's.  -882 at last check if anyone was interested-


  1. Same here - I can be trusting until people screw me over. It's easy for people to talk about forgiveness, but people have used me repeatedly because I kept giving them chances.


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