20 February 2013

The Cowboy Rides Away.

This weekend was AWESOME!  

I had mentioned many a times over the past few months how I was going to see a certain cowboy on his final tour.  

That cowboy?
A certain Mr. George Strait & a certain Miss Martina McBride opened for him!  

I can't even describe this concert, I was expecting a lot, and both Martina McBride and George Strait blew those expectations out of the water.  

Martina played for almost an hour and a half, and she played all of my faves, plus some. 

There was about 20 minutes intermission where they played a tribute video to George and a lot of the country music stars contributed accolades to it.  

Then pretty soon the lights went down & out walked King George!  

One of my favorite parts was when he called Martina back out on stage and they did two duets, Jackson by Johnny&June, and then a song by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn as well.  

I seriously could have listened to him sing for another couple hours and not be tired of him.  I'm seriously hoping to catch one more show before he wraps up this tour sometime in 2014! 

The rest of the weekend was nice too, Saturday my mom and I scrapbooked with one of our family friends Peggy, Sunday we just relaxed around the house, watched a marathon of Extreme Couponing(how do people do it?!?) and Monday, I went to the casino with my friend Vanessa, and I lost big time, but she doubled her moola.  Yesterday, I had to attend the funeral of my great-uncle Walt, which was sad.   


  1. I love Martina McBride - such a huge fan! :) I bet it was fun to see them together in concert! :)

  2. I bet that was an awesome show!! And I agree, those couponers are something else!


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