06 February 2013


Linking up for the very first time with the insanely sweet & beautiful Jenn for insta+lately


1: Quick picture with Cooper while working on my pyschology homework. // 2: Another day, another pose, another puppy.  She didn't like me cuddling her for the picture. // 3: One last puppy.  Whenever I'm home, he's glued to me.  4: A latergram, this picature is one of my momma and I at my cousin's wedding in October. // 5: A convo between the stepmom & I discussing whether I liked her in sixth grade or not. // 6: Mady giving me the birds and the bees talk.  & yes, she's listed under Princess in my phone. // 7: Another Leader picture that I filtered on IG. // 8. Found this in a store at the MOA and knew a few of my blog friends would like it :) // 9. Are my dogs the only one who do this? Sit at the bathroom door and wait for us to come out? Both Cooper & Chloe do it. 

Want more of my day to day pics, which you can see, are mostly doggie pics and funny conversations?  Follow me @theycallhermeg


  1. I just love the photos of your pups! So adorable!
    Your texts are hilarious!
    Thanks for linking up girlie!


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