02 September 2012

Sunday Social #13

It's been totally crazy this last week, therefore, I only posted once.  Oh well.  It's Sunday, so that means it's Sunday Social time!

What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
Definitely going up to the lake over the fourth of July with my cousins and my aunt and uncle's family & then going to Knoxville to see the Knoxville Nationals & I totally don't know if this counts as an activity, but getting our puppy Chloe!

Favorite outfit look/clothing item for the summer?

Lynn got me a Golden Gophers and also a Twins distressed tee and I love them!

What is one thing you had gotten to do this summer?

I wish I would have been able to head up to our family's other cabin! 

Favorite song of the summer?
Pontoon by Little Big Town & Come Over by Kenny Chesney!

P.S. Both Neely and Elle are hosting May Book Giveaways, maybe you should go enter not one but both!!

Sunday Social


  1. Hi there! I stopped by from the Sunday Social :) Do you live in MN? Golden Gophers and Twins t-shirts tipped me off! I was born and raised in MN, but moved away after college. I still love me a Gopher football game! SO fun :)

  2. That looks like the sweetest little puppy in the whole world. I want one now too :)


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