28 September 2012

Dear Friday.

Dear Life, 
You've been really great lately, keep it up?

Dear Mady,
Happy belated birthday sister!  Can't believe you're already 17.  

Dear Driver's Test,
Next week, YOU.ARE.MINE.

Dear Cooper & Chloe,
When I tell you to share your toys, I do not mean rip the toy in half and then chew on it.  Silly dogs.  

Dear Work,
Although you can drive me nuts at times, I really do love all of my co-workers.  

Dear Garnier Fructis,
I love your deep conditioner, my hair is feeling so soft & I la la la love it! 

Dear Blog Friends,
If you only remember one thing from my blog, let it be this,

Have a great Friday, and a great weekend <3 p="p">

1 comment:

  1. That is a really awesome quote. It is so true, but so easy to forget.


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