05 June 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up :)

First off, if you want to ask me a question and get an answer, go down one post and ASK! 

I just may do a vlog since one of my lovely sponsors Elle requested that I do so! 

This weekend was really fun and I took absolutely no pics of the fun, but here's the DL to my weekend.


Nothing too exciting, I worked, but there was something scary going down at home.  I live right on the river, and it's rained a TON these last couple weeks, so it's fast & high right now, Mady had her friends Maddie & Katrina over and they went floating(on tubes) down the river, and they were trying to get off at my grandparents, and Maddie was freaking out, so Mady had to help her off her tube, and then get back over to the side that they were getting off on & got sucked under and swirled under for 30 seconds, she was really scared, and my Mom said she was very lucky to be alive, because a ton of people die drowning that way, it's so scary to think of :/


Saturday was really fun.  Mady, Katrina(one of her friends) & I went to the beach and oh my gosh, you should have seen the back seat, we had three inflated floaties--full size, and me in the back seat and then we went floating down the river again, and got off earlier than they did on Friday & then we went to our family friend's grad party before both of us had to head to work.


Got up and went to work til 8, and then we went over to my Grandma's and watched The Help with her and my Grandpa, oh my gosh, I loved it! I want to read the book now!  Remember, you is smart, you is kind, you is important! & it is so funny & cute to watch my grandparents watch a movie together.  I love them a lot, and they are absolutely amazing! I'm so glad to have them home 


Yesterday was school until 12:30, but hung around school til around 4, and Mady picked me up and we went tanning, she went to work & then I swam for a lil bit & then helped Lynn clean up our shrubs and we jammed to 80's music, I had a great night, I don't get enough me and her time, and I miss it!


Had today off & worked on homework this afternoon & then went down to where my brother lives and we met his girlfriend and we all went to a park and played croquet, the only thing that would have been better is if Mady would have been able to join us, but she had to study for finals.  Back to school tomorrow and work Thursday.  

& I must say I'm pretty proud of myself for writing so many days in a row :)

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  1. Great post! Your days seems eventful and fun. :)

    Just followed you on GFC. :) Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)



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