14 June 2012

Currently+It's OK! Mashup!

current book(s): 
I just finished Bloom by fellow blogger Kelle Hampton....AMAZING! Read it if you haven't! I read it all in one day!  

current playlist: 
I Miss My Friend-Darryl Worrley
Don't Miss Your LIfe- Phil Vassar
Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen
Boyfriend-Justin Bieber

current color: 
My toes need some pedicure TLC ASAP!  

current food/drink: 
We have these amazing pizza stuffed breadsticks for sale at Wal-Mart & I love them, and my go-to drink right now is Mello Yello still!  

current favorite show(s): 
My mom introduced me to Hell's Kitchen...love it!
Teem Mom is back! 

current needs:
For a new computer charger, mine crapped out AGAIN! 

current banes of my existence:
See above!  

current celebrity crush:
Gordon Ramsay!

current #1 blessing: 
My awesome Grandpa who is teaching me how to drive...yes I'm twenty and don't have a license, but I do have my permit.  

current indulgence:
I'll go with the Chocolate Brownie Earthquake I had last night from DQ!
current outfit: 
I'm rocking PJ shorts with an old (2005) airbrushed shirt I got in FL that still fits.  

current excitement: 
That Virgin Mobile is getting the Iphone :D

current mood: 
pretty chill

current favorite quote or verse: 
Still loving my life verse! 

current wishlist item: 
The Iphone!!

current favorite product(s):
I'm loving my Clean and Clear Morning Burst, helps so much in keeping my skin clear! 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

-to sleep in until 11.
-to be a little aggravated that my Mac charger all ready crapped out since it's only been a couple of months since I got it.
-to be really happy with my driving lesson from my Grandpa yesterday.
-to not want to go back to work after 3 days off in a row.  


  1. I want an IPhone too... I have a Droid X and its driving me nuts! Digging your playlist by the way! ;)

  2. Cute post! I am also in need of a Mani/Pedi but lately with my internship I have been so busy....

  3. Ok, I need to hit up a DQ immediately! That sounds amazing!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up girlie!!
    I really need to read that book and I love your playlist

  5. I was about two months shy of 20 before I got my license! There is nothing wrong with being 20 and having no license! :)


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