03 April 2012

Birthday Weekend =]

I had a really good weekend with my Mom for my birthday.  She picked me up on Thursday night after work, and I stayed until Monday morning.

Friday, my mom and stepdad took me out to Chili's for lunch.  I love me some Chilis.  It was really good, and we played hangman until our food came, it was simple, but it was fun.  After Chili's, we dropped my stepdad off at home, and we went to Target where we sat for an hour and a half deciding which pictures we wanted to get printed...we need to do it more often, because my mom only got a fifth of the way through her pictures on one of her memory cards.  I picked out my birthday presents, I got the first season of the big bang theory, if you don't watch it, why the heck not? I got What Women Want which is a movie that is one of my faves, it has Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt in it, I got a scrapbook and some scrapbooking paper :) We went home and organized more pictures, staying up til like 1 am, yeah we're crazy :D

Saturday, I hung out with one of my high school friends Hannah, we went to the mall, Target and Barnes and Noble.  At the mall, we went to Icing and I got my ears repierced :) After the mall, I went home, relaxed a little bit, and then went to see The Hunger Games with my stepsister Becky and our younger sister Olivia, LOVED it! I need to finish reading the books now, which is really backwards for me, usually, I'll read the books, and then go see the movie.  After that, I opened my presents that I mentioned earlier, and then I watched What Women Want until I fell asleep.  

Sunday, I woke up, we had an early lunch, and then my mom and I went and scrapbooked all day with one of our family friends.  It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again, we were laughing, and having a really great time.  I got home around 11, watched part of the race and went to bed.  

Monday(my b-day!), I woke up and watched the ACM's, wish Blake Shelton would have won Entertainer of the Year, but oh well, he still won Male Vocalist :D after the ACM's, my mom dropped me off with my dad and Lynn, and they dropped me off at school.  Went to class, and then celebrated my birthday at Outback with the fam, and then headed home and had a nice heart-to-heart with Lynn and then went to bed. 

Today has been a nice mostly day off, I don't head into work until 6:30.  Class tomorrow again.  

Have a great Tuesday everybody!  


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Any celebration that includes Target is aces in my book! :)

  2. That is one awesome birthday weekend! After reading about your trip to Chili's makes me want some of their amazing food. Guess I'm just going to have to get the hubs to take me there this weekend :)

    Glad you had a great birthday!


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