21 March 2012

On Grandparents.

Arizona was amazing! I'll upload pics and do an entry maybe tonight or early tomorrow with all the details. Today I want to talk about my grandparents. My mom's mom(usually referred to as Granny.) The one I wrote about last, passed away March 7th, and it was hard saying goodbye, but I know she's not in pain anymore, so that helps a lot in the hurt. She's with my Grandpa now & they're together for the first time in almost six years so that helps too! But I will miss our Maid Rite lunches and our birthday casino runs. I'll miss Hand&Foot, and just being with her. My mom's dad, my grandpa, I miss him at random times, but especially when Johnny Cash comes on, or we play Hand&Foot or whenever someone calls me Meggy, little stuff like that. He would always sing Johnny Cash, Hand&Foot was the thing to do up at grandma&grandpa's, he'd always say No More Mr. Nice Guy, and I hated the nickname Meggy, he called me that and I was fine with it. My dad's mom is great. She is such a sweetheart, can be overbearing at times, but is part of my amazing support system. She loves playing games and makes me laugh. I love her so much! My dad's dad, let's just say, I was his first granddaughter, and he spoiled/spoils me! I got to drive his boat first, he gave me fourwheeling rides all the time, I was spoiled rotten :) & then to the two awesome grandparents who didn't have to be ♥ & yes, I know I talk about them a lot, and more than the other four, because they live two houses over during the summer and the times they aren't in Arizona. They are two of my greatest supports ever. I am just so blessed to have them in my life, because I know our relationship could have turned out A LOT differently. Anyways, my Grandma, much like Lynn and so much different all at the same time, yes, she's Lynn's mom if people hadn't made that connection yet, she is sweet and caring as Lynn is, but my Grandma doesn't hold back like Lynn does. She will tell you what she thinks no matter what, and I love her for it. She makes beautiful art, loves her family fiercely, would do anything for any of us at a drop of a hat, makes me laugh at how she yells at my Grandpa "RICHARD!" when he annoys her a lot or does something she doesn't like, we have gotten so close the last three or so years, and she like Lynn is another woman of God I look up to SO MUCH! & for my Grandpa? In a few words he's my hero. In his wife's words, "Meghan, Mady, you will NEVER find a man like your grandpa, I got one of the last of the good ones!" They fight like cats and dogs and sometimes I feel bad for my Grandpa, but honestly he brings it on himself a lot of the time :) He is such a gentleman, opens the doors for us ladies, he's wrapped around his granddaughters' fingers, he plays a mean game of Poker(although I did last longer than him again this year down in AZ) and Pickleball, he loves M&M's & Dill pickle chips, loves coming in to tease me at work, you'll usually find him in cowboy boots, he loves chocolate shakes from DQ or McDonald's, but must have two straws to drink it, and is just a great man of God. I strive to find myself a guy like my grandpa, because I refuse to settle for less than the best. I was down in Arizona last week up until Saturday, but my Grandma and Grandpa flew back early Friday morning because two of my cousins were in the state hockey tourney for their age bracket, so they wanted to see that, and then they're flying back tonight at 9:45, is it selfish of me to want their plane to be cancelled because of the storms we're supposed to be getting? Yes it is, but sometimes I just need selfish time lol. So I had to say goodbye last night, and oh my gosh, I about started to cry as they left, I do it everytime, and last night I realized why I react so strongly to them leaving , is the fact that I didn't know with my mom's dad it was the last time I got to see him, he died suddenly and that's my fear that I won't have a chance to spend any more time with them. I am so blessed to have four grandparents left, and I ache for those of you who have lost yours!


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss!

  2. This is a beautiful post. I believe that grandparent/grandchild is one of the most precious relationships there are. I only knew two of my grandparents and by now they are both gone so I am grandparent-less. It is so hard to see them go, but I guess we just have to hold on to the memories of them we have. One thing I did when my grandma died was I wrote down all the funny/ important memories I could think of about her because after time passes they start to fade...

    new follower :)


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