09 April 2012

Dear Monday!


Linking up with Megan to write some Monday letters

Dear Monday,  You were nice to me this week, thank you, and no that does not mean you can be bad next week! 

Dear Mady, You can come home at any time now, because I really miss you, however, I kinda hijacked your bed, and don't really wanna give it up.

Dear Easter, You were really awesome this year, I loved remembering Jesus' sacrifice for us all, and church yesterday was amazing, I'll be recapping you tomorrow!

Dear Cooper, You are such a good cuddle buddy, but laying almost right on top of me? Not necessary, also not necessary? Barking when no one is at the door.  Freaks a girl out when she's half asleep.  

Dear Blog, I like that I'm writing in you more, gonna try and keep that up k? K.  

Alright everybody, I'll be back tomorrow for my Easter recap :) 


  1. If I had written one of these I'd of told Monday the same thing because for the first time in a while, it wasnt that bad. Yay for writing on the blog more often :)

  2. I want to start writing letters every once in a while. Maybe a weekly thing?


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