27 April 2012

Crap Mady Says #2

It's Friday! Which means the weekend starts and Crap Mady Says is on this blog =]

I'm making a button for these posts and it will debut next week!

Mady: Is there such thing as a peeing disorder?
Me: Yeah, it's called overactive bladder.

& this one was from a few months ago when we were discussing her test grades for math and science.
Mady: I got an A on my math test, but I failed my science test.
Me: Good job on the math test, sucks about science.
Mady: Yeah I know. I'm gonna be an ultrasound tech, so I don't need science
Me: Yes you do!
Mady: Nuh uh, you just wave the wand like this *hand motions* ooh a baby *more hand motions* oooh another baby. 
Me: You do realize there are more ultrasounds than just ones for babies right?

She cracks me up that sister of mine!

& because I haven't done it in a while, I'm opening the floor for you all to ask me anything you'd like!!

I'll let you ask over the weekend, and post my answers Monday or Tuesday :D

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  1. This makes me wish I had grown up with a sister!! I just don't get to have these kinds of conversations with my sisters in law :)


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