17 January 2012


So I saw a really fun idea for a post over on Lacee's blog, and thought I would do it today!

If I were a fly on the wall at your house, what interesting/weird/creepy things would I hear you say to your loved ones?

Watching One Tree Hill last night with Mady:
Mady: *moans*
Meghan: *laughs*
Mady: Did I just moan?
Meghan: yup. you did. you do it a lot.

Playing Apples to Apples yesterday with the whole fam:

Mady: (reading the green card), scenic which means beautiful and/or pictureski
Meghan: Umm. Mady, that's picturesque.
Mady: whatever.

Once again last night watching One Tree Hill
Mady: I hate you.
Meghan: oh, why now?
Mady: because this show is addicting, and I have to be up in 5 hours.
Meghan: ohh, cause you know that's totally my fault.

Yesterday Mady and I were craving Icee slushies because we had some Sunday night:
Mady: Okay, if they don't have them here, we'll just get Subway.
Meghan: Nooo! I want a freakin' slushie!
Mady: Too bad.

& the last one for today, this was a few months ago when Mady was actively looking for a job:

Mady: MEGHAN! How do you spell Jolynn?
Meghan: J-O-L-Y-N-N. why?
Mady: because I'm going to apply at Jolynn fabrics and nothing is coming up.
Meghan: *headdesk* Mady, it's JoAnn fabrics.

So what would I hear if I were a fly at your house or in your car?

P.S. Linking this post up with Meg for Mingle Monday!
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  1. Haha this is great! I love the "JoLynn" one...too cute ;) Thanks for the shout out sweet girl!

  2. Hey there! Found your blog through Mingle Monday - super cute! The thought of a fly on the wall is too funny! I sometimes wonder what my dogs would say if they could talk!


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