31 January 2012

They Call Him Cooper.


They Call Her Meghan eh? Well today it's They Call Him Cooper.

That's right guys, I, Cooper the Hunter Brown, am taking over Meghan's blog as part of Kodi's Bow Wow Link Up!

I am a weimerainer who just celebrated his first birthday on New Years Eve!

They taunted me with fire a few weeks ago, I ran like the wind bullseye!
I don't like fire!

So what is life like for a dog like me?
Well when Mom gets up to go to work, she puts me in Meghan and Mady's room and I hop on Mady's bed and whine at Meghan on the top bunk to come cuddle with me.
She says I take up the entire bed, I just like to stretch out, and I need my space!
When Meghan gets up, she lets me go potty, and I have my favorite spot to go pee in, and I run back in and she feeds me.

After I go potty, Meghan teases me by asking if I want to eat and if I want some food, and I give her a silly look like of course I want food woman!

After eating, we'll usually cuddle on the couch as she catches up on all your blogs, and then at noon, she turns on her soap and I fall asleep because it's boring!

After that I like to play with my toys, Meghan calls it destroying them. I'm a curious puppy though, I just want to see what's inside of them! She takes them away then and tells me to go find a new one, but I wanna play with the old one still!

After that, I like to sleep and just lay around for most of the day, but get hyper whenever someone comes home, especially Meghan because she likes to spoil me.

I usually go to bed around ten with my Mom and lay with her and warm up Dad's side of the bed for him, until he gets home from work.

All right, Meghan is kicking me off the 'puter so she can catch up on her emails and write bloggy posts, so I'm off!

*tail wags to you all*

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Thank you so much for linking up with us!
    Bella would write you back Cooper, but she's at home taking a nap while I'm at work.

    Have a good day!:)


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