25 January 2012

January 25th 2011

This day last year started out as a normal Tuesday.
I worked at 3:30, Lynn was getting ready to do vending, she asked me to keep an eye on Sam because he had been sick and to keep the laundry and dishes up.
She left for vending around 11, Sam and I were just relaxing and Lynn had texted me asking me to see if I could get Sam to eat anything and I said no, and she said well try a cracker, so I did & this was the picture I sent to her

He wasn't eating anything, so I put the cracker in his mouth and he still wouldn't eat it.

Fast forward to about 2:15, I had cleaned up the kitchen and had laundry all caught up and was all proud of myself. Sam by this time was laying on the floor outside of the bathroom/my parents room after Lynn had asked me to take him off of her bed because she didn't want him getting sick on her bed, so I said okay, lifted him down and he took a drink out of the toilet, came up and gave me a kiss(I had forgotten he had drank drunk? out of the toilet) and then went to lay down, I checked on him one last time before I hopped in the shower to get ready for work.

I get out of the shower, get dressed, Lynn gets home, says have you checked on Sam lately, I said right after I got out of the shower, and before I blow dried my hair he was laying on the ground and fine. She's asked me to check on him again, I did, and he didn't have a heartbeat. I called down the hallway for her that he didn't have a heartbeat, she didn't believe me, I said no come here now! She confirmed it and we talked to him for a little bit, I had started to cry and she said MEGHAN IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! I didn't really believe her, and I don't know if she believed herself then.

After that we had to pick Mady up and tell her, I had to go to work. Work was horrible. My eyes were bloodshot and I broke down when my supervisors asked me what was wrong. My parents made the decision to take him down to the U of M vet school to see if they could give us some answers as to why he had died, because he was a very healthy very active dog, only 7 years old.

We got the results a few weeks later, he had been poisoned. He had a large amount of rodenticide in his system.

So today, I am remembering the dog who thought he was a human!

Love you Sammy boy!


  1. What a TERRIBLE thing to have happened to such a sweet dog. I'm going to give my pup extra squeezes when I get home!


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