02 September 2015

My Ideal Day.

Brave Love Blog

Day 2// Describe your ideal day, where would you go and what would you do?

I would start the morning curled up with Cooper in the guest bed at my parents, I would have breakfast and coffee with my Lynn-Mom before spending the morning catching up on my blog reading and write a little bit in my novel. 

I would then grab lunch with my work momma, we would make it a Taco Johns day & just catch up on our lives and share a couple remember when stories from each of our lives, we have been friends for five years and I cherish our lunches and hold them in high importance. 

My grandparents would pick me up, we'd grab ice cream at Daddy O's, as they shared the latest in their lives and I'd share what was on my heart with them as well. 

I'd swing by my sister's apartment and we'd go rollerblading on the path behind her place and then she'd persuade me to stick around and have a girl's night and watch a couple chick flicks. 

I'd crash at her place instead of making her drive me home, even if it's only a five minute drive & we'd have girl talk late into the night. 

Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me! 

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