03 September 2015

My Blog Board!

Brave Love Blog

Day 3 of the Blogtember Challenge! Prompt for today is: Create a collage or mood/inspiration board that describes your blog! 

All of the images found in this collage can also be found on my That's So Meghan board on Pinterest!

The first quote describes how I feel about my blog, I know I'm not the only one who goes back and reads old posts right? I feel like when I go back and read old posts I rediscover the things I've loved before and the things I continue to love, This blog has also helped me to find myself in a way I think too. I am one of those people that it helps me to talk or write things out to find my solution or reason for doing what I do if that makes sense?

I've been blogging for five years and that second quote sums up how I feel about this blog, I've only touched on my life here and I want to keep digging deeper and sharing more of my heart and soul.  

& I found the third quote and this is pretty much how I feel about what I share on here as well as how I live my life. I'm awkward and imperfect, but I am also authentic. What you see here is what you get.

& the bottom quote by the amazing Kenny Chesney, I share a little of my life here, but mostly it's what I love. 

What would you share on your mood board for your blog? 

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