07 September 2015

Behind Meghan Anna.

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Day 7: Tell Us about Your Blog Name. What does it mean? 

This space on the world wide web holds a special place in my heart. As an incoming freshman in the late summer/early fall of 2010, I started this blog under the name They Call Her Meghan. I shared day to day tidbits, didn't post consistently and was just using it as an online journal of sorts.

It was before Pinterest and Instagram were things and life was much simpler.

Through the years, this blog has grown and matured, as I have.  I tried to make my blog an "it blog" with Pinterest-worthy content and I realized that just wasn't me.

In February of this year, I rebranded as Meghan Anna. My first and middle name, I absolutely love my name & the blog that carries it. They Call Her Meghan was named after I moved out of my mom's to my dad's and where I was basically the new kid in school, people only knew me as Mady and Ryan's sister or Randy & Lynn's daughter, and not that I'm  not proud of being their sister and daughter, I needed a place where people knew me as Meghan first and those things second.

Meghan Anna came about at exactly the right time, I was almost 23 in February and my life had been in a period of transition for about a year and I was finally starting to feel like I had some sort of grasp on being a grown-up with a lot of prayers and help from my family.

It may not be an it blog or Pinterest-worthy, but it holds the ups and downs of the last five years and I truly wouldn't change that for the world.

So grateful for this space and the friends I have made through it & the stories I have shared here.

also linking up with meg for mingle monday & emily for grateful heart.

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