13 November 2014

What a Weekend.

This weekend was one for the books for sure! I worked 11 to 8 on Friday and probably annoyed everyone with how excited I was for 10:30pm to roll around.

Because at 10:30, I was seeing Garth Brooks.  I've been a  die-hard Garth Brooks fan since I was a young teenager after listening to his music on and off through out my childhood. I was only 8 when he quit touring, but grew up listening to his older CDs.  After Friday night, I can say my love for Garth grew tenfold.

He played all of his major hits, came out for two or three encores & was absolutely amazing.  This concert was also the one everyone has been hearing about because he sang to Teresa Shaw and gave her his guitar after he saw her sign that said Chemo this morning, Garth Brooks tonight, enjoying the Dance.  

Here are a few pictures that my friend took with her camera:

When he was asking Trisha to play On a Bus to Saint Cloud. 

In Another's Eyes.  

One of the many times he thanked us for being there and for supporting him throughout the years. 

Standing Outside the Fire

Waving goodnight after the final encore. 

Concert got done around 2am, and Vanessa and I decided that we were hungry and we didn't just want McDonalds so we went to Perkins.  By the time I crawled into bed it was 4.  I knew I could sleep in until about 10:30 and make it to work by 11(there are definite perks about living across the street from your work), but no, I was up by 8:30.  I was so sleep deprived that day, if you saw me & I was snappy with you, I do really apologize.  #GarthHangover. 

I punched out around 8:05 and then headed to Lynn's hockey game.  I did the time clock and Mady ran the scoresheet, her team was up 4-0, ten seconds to go and because she doesn't know the word quit, she ended up getting checked into the boards somehow and her legs basically did a butterfly save as if she were a goalie, in layman's terms, she slammed into the board with her back and went down into the splits on her knees. Mady and I both held our breaths for what seemed like ages before she got back up and onto the bench.  

We had grand plans on Sunday, Lynn, Mady & I did.  We were going to go to early church, to a movie and then shopping after that.  Well, we didn't factor in the lovely men in our lives aka my Dad and brothers who called us at 6 am stranded 3 hours north at their deer camp because our Suburban wouldn't start.  So we dropped Mady off at her car and then Lynn & I made the trek up to get them.  We had some great conversations, I really miss her since I am on my own now.  We got home, her and I took a power nap and then put the outside stuff away since we were supposed to get a snowstorm Monday.  After that, Lynn, Dad and I headed down to the cities to Tria so Lynn could get her knee checked out.  She ended up having a sprained MCL.  

& as for that snowstorm? It dumped a good foot of snow in our area.  

&& yes, I did totally just recap my weekend on a Wednesday, which is now actually Thursday. Oh well.  


  1. So jealous you were able to see Garth in concert!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time at the concert...and you get a round 2!

  3. Wow that sounds like it was an AH-MAZING show!! 2 am?? I am happy you had a great time!

  4. Good lord that's a late concert. Haha. I'm not sure I could make it until 2 am anymore. #old

  5. That sounds like such a fun concert! I'm so glad you had fun!


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