03 November 2014


...reading Kristen's blog! 

...watching Parenthood.  Like I'm quite obsessed.  

...trying to prepare myself for winter. 

...eating left over Taco John's from my lunch date with Karen.  We had such a good conversation today.  I love that lady! 

...pinning random things.. 

...tweeting all of the randomness in my life...@theycallhermeg

...going absolutely bonkers over the fact that I see Garth in FOUR DAYS! 

...loving life.  

...discovering that I have am blessed.  This is not a new discovery, but it's one that God reminds me of every so often when I'm down.  

...enjoying the last few hours of my day off. 

...thinking about Nanowrimo.  

...feeling pretty good. 

...hoping that my Thanksgiving schedule is nice to me.

...listening to 90's country. 


  1. ...loving everything about this post.

  2. My friend saw Garth this weekend (you know the one that is equally as obsessed as you) and she loved it so I know you'll have a great time!


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