02 November 2014

Sunday Mornings.

Sunday mornings have quickly become one of my favorite times of the week.  Because I usually close(2 to 11) on Sundays, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, catch up on blog posts that I may have missed through out the week, & just let myself relax and wake up slowly.  I will head over to work around 10:45 to have lunch with Karen & then work on my novel until I have to punch in.

I'm reading Erin's soon-to-be sister-in-law's blog from the beginning and I absolutely LOVE her photography!

Work was an absolute ZOO yesterday, but Karen was about to leave and she always makes sure to give me one last hug before she leaves, and for whatever reason I thought she wasn't going to hug me yesterday, so I stomped my foot, yes stomped(apparently I'm five), and I said get over here and give me a hug.  Her response? Do I ever leave without a hug? I'm going to come over there and smack you for stomping your foot though! Love my third momma!

I got to see Lynn and Ryan yesterday too, which was great.  Probably the biggest thing I miss about living at home is getting to go grab coffee and share rides into work with Lynn, she truly is one of my closest friends.  God has blessed me immensely in the stepmom department!

Have a great Sunday friends


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  1. It's so great that you have great people like that in your life that you can count on :)


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