23 June 2014

Baby I'm Amazed By You.

I went to my older "sister's" wedding on Saturday and it was so much fun! A little back story before I get to all the fun nitty gritty details of the wedding.

My dad and stepmom were married when I was nine, but dated for a year and a half or so before that, and Katie was one of our babysitters, she had babysat Mady since she was a baby and when Matt and I were there she'd babysit us as well and then when Ryan came along, she babysat him as well.  I used to give her so much grief, I will definitely admit to being a spoiled brat.  We got really close after she graduated from high school and moved away to college, she was basically like an older sister, one that I never had biologically. We would talk nightly on Facebook, she helped me go through the growing pains of being a teenager and navigating high school.

The summer before my junior year, Katie started dating Dan and as the saying goes, "the rest is history!"

This is a picture of us from the early Dan+Katie pre-kids days.

& then one night I was perusing facebook in April of 2009, more than likely sending flair to Mady & Lynn, when Katie's message box popped up with a single question, "can you keep a secret?" "Yep, what's up?" or something along those lines were what I typed.  "I'm going to have a baby!!" I probably started screaming and jumping up and down, because I'm Meghan and I don't do subtle or calm.

Me & Miss Maja(MYUH) a few weeks after she was born.

On Saturday we got to celebrate Katie+Dan's love & marriage. Lynn picked me up around 11:30 on Friday night on her way home from driving limo & Saturday started with a trip to Target with my Grandma and Mady where I found a dress and a statement necklace that I would never have thought to buy.  I love spending time with these two.  My grandma is one of those people you can't help but learn something new from and look up to & Mady is one of my best friends.  I somehow spent over $100 and I'm not exactly sure how.  Now it's time for a picture dump of the day!
Mady, one of our family friends Becca & Me.  
Sister & I.  Every brunette needs a blonde best friend.  
Fine Lines Hockey family and the bride.  Lynn and Mady look pained, but #YOLO.  Katie and Mady coach, I timekeep for the home games & then this is some of the team.  
Same group of ladies, just with Dan.  
Then we got smart and just got one with both of them.  
The same picture as in the collage below, but I love it!  The midget and amazon woman :) 
S'mores were the favors, centerpieces and Ryan getting crafty and roasting his marshmallow with the candle.  

My hair done by Mady, I love it! 

1// Mady and I.  My new favorite picture of us. 2//Their sand ceremony. 3//Her dad walking her down the aisle. 4//Ring exchange. 5// You may now kiss the bride.  6//Becca's youngest Dia. 7//Miss Maja and her grandma.  
Funniest moment? When Lynn's dress tore, because she didn't sit down correctly.  Must say I gave my stepmomma lots of grief for that!  

& I can't post today and not mention Karen's birthday, a huge happy birthday to my work momma!!

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  1. Love this!! I'm always a sucker for good wedding stories.

  2. Cute photos from the wedding! S'Mores are such a cute (and tasty) idea for the wedding favors.


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