03 June 2014

Three Favorite Songs as of late.

Favorite line: Flight attendant knew about my condition, got a little mile high flight attention.

Small Town Throwdown by Brantley Gilbert on Grooveshark

Favorite line: There's a party back in the woods tonight, heard it through the redneck grapevine.

Favorite line: And if you''re washed in the blood someday you'll see him again, but it won't be in the rain, in the mud, in July in Cheyenne.

I am planning on doing a full post about Aaron Watson/July in Cheyenne/Lane Frost soon! 

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  1. I love "Drunk On A Plane"! And thank you for the introduction to Aaron Watson's "July in Cheyenne". Lane Frost's story is complete heart wrenching and makes a person take a deeper look into the true risks involved in rodeo.


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