23 May 2014

Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline, BUM BUM BUM, Good times never seemed so good, so good, so good.  

I saw this song mentioned somewhere yesterday afternoon and it brought back so many sweet memories for me.  This song and anything from Neil Diamond is some of my dad's favorites.   I can remember road trips out to see my Uncle Jim and everybody would pick a song to listen to & this was always played multiple times, and we'd always belt out the chorus.  Or the summer after I graduated, cleaning out our pole barn after one of the parties we hosted that year, my grandma and I line-dancing/two-stepping to it.  

It's the little things like that I miss now that I'm out on my own.  The random belting out of songs with my family.  The after-chiropractor Starbucks dates with Lynn.  Late night movie nights with the entire family.  Arguing with Ryan over petty things and who's turn it was to feed Coop and Chloe. Cooper and Chloe as a whole.  It's the little things like that I miss the most.  

Not saying I don't love my freedom, cause I totally do, but I am so grateful even more now that those times don't happen as often.  

Have a great weekend everybody!

~do you have a song that takes you back? What's your favorite song?

~What one thing did you miss most when you moved out on your own for the first time? 

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