15 May 2014


Excuse me while I dust off the cobwebs of this ol' blog here.  The last week in April and May were CUH-RAZY! Two jobs + moving + unpacking = one tired Meghan.

But I'm baaaaaaaack! I know you all missed me right? *crickets*

What better way to get my blogging groove back then to participate in Sarah & Helene's  #TotalSocial link-up which is launching today!

Helene in Between

So as I was debating on what I could post about, my stepmom texted me asking me if I had finished unpacking, which at that point was still a negative and come to think about it, my bedroom is still not completely unpacked, but that's not here or there.

I digress.  I got that text and I'm like BOOM! I can write about my first apartment, which is my new apartment.

A few months ago, after the whole school debacle, my parents and I sat down and had a come to Jesus, heart to heart,  I was ready to move, so they helped me look for a place, I put down my deposit, and did all that fun stuff and then I waited.  May 1st was the day and I was super pumped.

Here's a few pictures showing my place off, I want to get more things for my walls and little things to make it mine, but here it is so far! & yes, no pictures of my bathroom, I couldn't get a non-awkward shot of that & my bedroom as mentioned above, is still not fully unpacked.

& can I just gush about my awesomely amazing new design? There are a few kinks still be worked on by me and my amazing designer who happens to be the same Sarah who is hosting this link-up! If you ever want a new look, I 100% recommend Sarah from Social and Chic Designs!


  1. YAY nothing better than a new apartment!! Well, once you're all done moving, that is!

  2. Looks great so far, moving into my own apartment for the first time was the best feeling ever!

  3. looks great. I know you'll have it looking great. and having your own space is great.


  4. yay for a new apartment! that is beyond exciting!

  5. Congratulations on having your very own place! I'm so jealous! I rent a room. Not the same thing.

  6. It's always exciting moving into a new place. I moved a couple of months ago and I've still not got everything sorted. I just can't work things out, so half of my stuff is staying in boxes for now.

    Loveeee the apartment! I am proud of you and everything you're doing in your life! Love you!

  8. Yay for first apartments! I remember my first apartment in college, but my first apartment by myself was even more special. Good luck girl!


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