28 May 2014


Making: a dent on my blog reading :)
Cooking: Absolutely nothing. Ain't nobody got time for that! 
Drinking: Coffee.  With a shot of peppermint creamer. 
Reading: Just finished Tag Chaser, going to start Chelsea's book Happy to be Alive Because today! 
Wanting: My boss to approve the time off for my best friend's wedding. 
Looking: Like I'm the captain of the hot mess express.  It's my day off.  
Wasting: my day off by doing laundry, I have a glamorous life, let me tell you.  
Wishing: That people understood that I didn't do drama in high school and I'm not doing drama now.  
Enjoying: my day off with my pups at my parents house.  
Waiting: For June! Lots of fun in the next month.  
Liking: Brantley Gilbert's new album.  
Wondering: How I can smuggle Cooper into my apartment without my landlord knowing and without my mom noticing he's gone 
Loving: My apartment! 
Hoping: that my bonus from work will be nice.  
Smelling: Nothing too strong, the peppermint creamer in my coffee? 
Wearing: Yoga shorts and a K102 St. Jude's Partner in Hope tee. 
Noticing: That I've fallen back in love with blogging.  
Knowing: That I have people who love me.  
Thinking: that no matter how old I am and how long I've been gone, my childhood home will always be a part of me.  
Giggling: about Garth Brook's 90's wardrobe.  

Feeling: Full of happies, life and love. Keeping Kym's answer! 

stolen from the lovely Kym

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  1. Look up the Swimmers Assistant on amazon a blogger wrote it and I finished it last night and I really liked it.


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