05 March 2014

Why This Girl Blogs..

Hi everybody, I'm Chloe, I'm sure Meghan has told you guys all about me right? 
But, I bet you are wondering why I'm here instead of Meghan, well she starts training for her new job today & she really loves this link-up, so I told her don't worry Meghan, I got you! 

So why does Meghan blog?  She blogs because she loves sharing her thoughts with people who she can actually communicate, because as much as me and my brother love listening to her talk about how much we are awesome and she loves us, she still hasn't learned to speak bark & we don't have opposable thumbs to use Rosetta Stone so therefore, she comes here to tell you all about how much we're awesome and how much she loves us.  Also to just be a part of what she says is an awesome community full of great women(and a few brave guys too!) 

She blogs because she loves to write.  She's always got her head bent down either writing in one of her million notebooks or she's typing away at either one of her works in progress.  . 

She blogs because she loves reading blogs.  She loves sharing in your lives as much as she hopes you love sharing in hers.  

She blogs because she likes having something that's all her own. Each of her siblings have their something and she found her something with this blog and she loves you guys, so thank you for letting her do that.  

And she told me that I had to post this button at the bottom of the post, so here's where I tell you to link-up with her friends Lauren and Hayley.  

Girl Between the Lines Link up

**she would also like me to add that Samantha is having a giveaway to benefit the ivy moment and you guys should go check it out! 

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  1. Haha this is so cute! YES, everyone needs to check out the Ivy Movement giveaway!


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