04 March 2014

Fill in the Blank.

I shamelessly stole this from Kristine, hope that's okay girl :)

I was... up til 2:30 reading Molly McAdams' newest book, and you should definitely check it out, I'll have my review up on Friday! 
I am... sipping coffee, catching up on my favorite shows & my favorite blogs.  
I think... oversized hoodies are the perfect thing to cuddle up in and a pair of yoga pants.  
I wonder... how I'm going to do when I have to be at work by 5 am. Yeah, training at my new job tomorrow.  I'll be training the next three days 5am to 9am. I'm really excited to see where God takes me with this one.  
I wish...I could have an unlimited book budget. 
I save... cards that people have sent me, old text messages that mean a lot to me and old hoodies.  
I always...try to laugh more than I cry, smile more than I frown and lift up more than I bring down.  
I can't imagine... what I'd do without my best friends.  
I believe... the little moments make the biggest memories.  
I promise... to be authentic.
I love... my dogs! 

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