21 March 2014

Coffee Date!

I thought I'd take y'all on a coffee date today, where would you like to go? I got my iced caramel from Panera before I picked you up, so tell me where we are heading :D

Once we got to our final destination, a sunny park in Minnesota because on our make believe coffee date it's at least 60 degrees and snowless, we would start talking. 

I would tell you about how the world lost two great men that meant a lot to separate families that I'm close with.  Mady's grandpa passed away (the one we don't share obvi.) & my work momma's father-in-law passed away last week too, and how I am hurting and praying for both of them.  

I would tell you that I was not ashamed to shed tears when I had to say good-bye to one of the cashiers at work who's been with Walmart for the entire time I was there.  

I would tell you that I am loving my new job, even if I'm up at the butt crack of dawn most mornings.  

I would tell you that I'm excited for tomorrow, because yes, it will be almost an 18 hour day, but I get to see my work momma who has been gone for the last week because of the above.  

I would tell you about how excited I am that I got approved for my first apartment.  

& then I would ask you to please forgive me for the pictureless post.  Love you guys!
linking up with the wonderful alissa for her coffee date link-up! 

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