04 February 2014

Ten Favorite Things.

Endlessly BeLoved

So I don't have a "special someone" but I decided to do my ten favorite things about a very special guy in my life, my Grandpa.  

(one) his faith.  he has the strongest faith of anyone I know, and call me weird, but I love listening to him pray.  
(two) his love for my grandma. it will be 47 years in June that they've been married, and yes, they have their squabbles, but the way he shows his love for her, it shows me that there are still good guys left in this world, although my Grandma always tells me that I will never find another guy like my grandpa.  

(three) his love for his family. He would do just about anything for his kids and his grandkids & he is such a great dad and grandpa.  

(four) he knows how to have fun. if I were to tell you some of the adventures he's been on, you'd think I was talking about a man at least half his age, he's going to be 70 at the end of this year, and doesn't act a day over 35.

(five)his sense of humor. He is one of the funniest guys I know & sometimes his laugh is funnier than what he's actually laughing at.

(six)he is brave enough to drive with me. This one is pretty self-explanatory & no I still have no desire to get my license.  The world should be grateful for this.

(seven)he has never met a stranger. oh how we love to give him crap for this, my grandma will send him out for a quick errand and he'll be gone for hours.  But I know that if I ever needed anything, I could find somebody who knew him to give me a helping hand.

(eight)he's the strongest man I know. two battles with cancer, two victories, with all thanks to the Lord on both.  He had a bad health year last year and I'm just so grateful that God wasn't done with him yet.

(nine)the way he comes up behind me and grabs my neck and pulls me in.  I love this.  He does this when we're in public and he's ready to go or when he hasn't seen me for a while.

(ten)his stories. I love listening to him telling stories.  And he's got a lot.  As my grandma says, "Rich! Enough, we've all heard this story before!" & my grandpa will gesture to one new person in the crowd and be all, well THEY haven't!

I must say I have a pretty awesome Grandpa :)


  1. Your Grandpa sounds like a great man! :)

  2. This makes me miss my grandpa so much. Your grandpa sounds like a very special guy.


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