26 February 2014

I Never Had a Big Sister...

but if I did, I'd want her to be like Lora from Heart of Life. We "met" online probably about four or five years ago, and she's always been someone I could go to for good, solid Bible-based advice.

We have gotten really really close this last six months and we are trying to plan a trip to Nashville together so we can go to the Bluebird Cafe and hopefully find two goodlooking country singers to fall in love with ;)

She's someone I know I can talk to about just about anything in the world and not get judged, just like a real big sister.

It's always good to have your person and I definitely think Lora is mine.

Heart of Life

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  1. Aw, this is so sweet! Do you watch the show Nashville? Your mention of the Bluebird made me think of it! :)


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