05 February 2014

My Prince Charming.

I am single.  I have been on one "date" in all of my existence.  I don't even know if you could call it a date, because we went with his younger brother & his girlfriend.  I call it a date because he paid.  I call it not a date because he called it hanging out.  We work together.  Anyways, all of this non-dating & watching both my younger brother and sister go through relationships and being observant of my dad and Lynn's marriage along with my mom and Curt's has helped me see what I do and don't want in my future husband.  Oh yeah, I'm one of those crazy people who want to date one guy and just be done with it.  Yes, that's a little sarcasm for your Wednesday morning :)

First things first, he has to love Jesus more than he loves me.  I want a guy who puts his faith in God first, me second & his children third.

Second, he has to be honest.  I want to know I can trust him & that he's not going to lie to me.  

Next, I want a guy that can laugh with me.  I have a weird sense of humor at time and find the weirdest things wildly hilarious.  If you can't laugh at me and yourself, we aren't going to work out.  

I want a man that understands the value of not only our little family, but the families that we both came from.  If you've learned anything from this blog it should be how much I love my family.  I honestly can't see myself marrying a man who doesn't place that same importance on his family.  

He has to like country music.  This is a more fun non-negotiable for me.  

So what is one thing you need in a significant other? Let me know! 

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  1. Yep to all of these.
    One day. One day.

  2. <3 Keep these standards!!! A guy who doesn't live up to them is NOT worth it!

  3. LOVE the picture about country music and boys ! I couldn't agree more :)

  4. hi! i found your blog with the the girl in between the line blog prompts, and i'm glad i did! i like this post! it's so swee and sincere, and i agree with you about having a man who puts his faith first and who is honest.

    i personally like a man who is easy to talk to. i cannot date or be with someone who hardly replies to anything while i do all the talking !

    I Write About You

  5. What a fun post!! You have a great list of qualities for your prince charming... hold to those! :) Don't settle. Thanks for linking up with us, Meghan!!

  6. What a cute idea for a post! I second what Lauren said: DON'T SETTLE! Keep those things in mind!


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