17 December 2012

This Weekend I...

This Weekend I...

..made cookies with my Grandma and cousin Grace.  We made spritzes and these chocolate chip coconut cookies, delicious.  We also made these powdered sugar mocha cookies too & then we started the dough for the peanut blossoms.  

...worked, even went in on my day off & then got a lecture from my boss about coming in when my grandparents were in town.  I get this Friday off as a trade, I'll take it :)

...beat the sickness that Lynn, Ryan & Mady got.  

...started catching up on 2.5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. #obsessed

...went to an amazing church service.  I love my church!  

link up with Syndal & tell us what you did this weekend!  

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  1. Cooking baking seems to be what everyone did. I'm gonna have to make some goodies ;)


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