14 December 2012

Book Club Friday

I have read five and a half books since Tuesday morning.  I love to read, but even for me that is crazy!

What books have me so intertwined in their pages?

The first five books in the Baxter Family series, and I'm in the middle of the sixth one as we speak.  

The Baxter family series is broken into five different sets of books, along with one last wrap up book. 

-the Redemption series(I just finished reading these for the first time)
-the Firstborn series(I'm reading it as we speak for the first time)
-the Sunrise series(which I've read, but will re-read when I get through the firstborn series)
-Above the Line series(which has the Baxters more in the background, & I have never read)
-& lastly, the Bailey Flanigan series, which also has the Baxters more in the background, and I have read, but will read once again once I'm done with the Above the Line and previous series.  

These books have sucked me in & I just love the way Karen Kingsbury writes.  She is probably one of my favorite authors, ever.  I like that she shows the men as great Christian men, but that they also have flaws.  The Baxter family reminds me of my family & I love them & love learning more about them each chapter I read! 

So who's your favorite author?  

Link up with the BUB and tell me!  


  1. i keep hearing wonderful things about Karen so i must pick up her books asap :)

    happy friday!

  2. Stopping by from Raising Steppe Sisters blog hop... Oh, nice to know! I love series books. I won't have time until a trip in Jan, but definitely looking them up!

  3. WOW it takes me like 3 months to get through one book haha bravo!

  4. I liked the Redemption series for the most part. I like how each book focused on a different Baxter but I have read four or five of the Firstborn series and I dont like it nearly as much. I feel like I have read the same story four different times. Hopefully you like them better!!

  5. This is why we're friends.

  6. Yes to both of those!


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