15 October 2012

This Is It.

These are the kind of days I live for. Wearing my yogas and my hoodie, jotting down memories of a Sunday morning/early afternoon gone by Yesterday, yesterday was a classic good Meghan and Mady day, we decided Saturday night in the middle of DQ(Mady works there, so we're not completely crazy!) to do a double dip at church. Double Dip(n.)-- Go to the Crossing service at 10:00 to listen to how we were destined to reign & go to Riverside 12:05 service & learn about lost people. & then we decided we were gonna go to Caribou between the two. My Grandma then said why don't you come over & I'll fix you breakfast & make you coffee & then you won't have to spend money. We agreed. Sunday morning rolls around, I'm running a little behind schedule, I got in the shower a little late, but anywhos, run through Jeff & Karin's yard and jump a little bit in the leaves(hello 5 at heart!), eat our breakfast of eggs and sausage and toast, listen to my grandparents reminisce about their high school days(yes, they were high school sweethearts), they went to a private Catholic high school downtown St. Paul & their 50th reunion was this Friday night. After breakfast, we headed to the Crossing which was awesome, and then we did end up going to Caribou, I know shame shame on us! Then it was time for Riverside, which was also good, but holy hyper Mady was! *poke poke poke* all she did to me the entire service. So what did we learn on Sunday? 1) It's not okay to shoot your grandma(that's what Pastor Eric told us), to which my Grandpa then responded when we told him this, what about grandpa? 2) Zacheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he. 3) For the love of everything, don't give Mady more than one cup of coffee! Today was spent in school and lazing around the house. All right, I'm out for the night! <3

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day/few days!! I'm being a bum today and I love it!!


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