11 October 2012

It's Okay!

I haven't linked up to this wonderful shindig in wayyyy too long, so here I am! 

It's Okay....
Its Ok Thursdays
-That I'm turning in to a grammar nazi.  My biggest pet peeve?  The your/you're difference! It's really not that hard people!  If you don't know your grammar, chances are, I'm probably thinking you're not the brightest #thetruthhurts

-to not like a person and not have a reason not to like them.  Everybody has that one person, right?

-to realize that the two above statements make me sound like I'm a brat, but I'm really not! Promise!

-to be EXTREMELY excited about seeing George Strait and his W's in 127 days.  

-to be sad that I didn't get to say good-bye to my dog before my dad and brother took him hunting #crazydogladyproblems

-to be excited that I have nothing I have to absolutely do today.

-to wear footie pj's even though you are 20 and not 5.

So what's okay with you today?  


  1. Oh girl, I'm a your/you're nazi!!

  2. I love everything in this list but I'm LOL @ the one about not liking a person. I have that person. I kind of have a reason to not like her but I just don't like her. Hahaha


  3. Oh and I'm a new follower! I loved your blog from the moment I read that you're peeved by the your/you're mistake! Haha!

  4. I sooooo want a pair of fottie pjs! :) Like so bad! :)

  5. haha love the footie pjs one. ;)


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