09 October 2012

I Would Rather...

I would rather....

have love over money.

have a few best friends instead a large group of okay friends.

have dogs than cats

go to the orthodontist over the dentist

fly than drive

read a book instead of go out to the clubs.

have Starbucks over Caribou, but I like them both.

tweet than facebook.

be happy instead of worrying about everything.  

see George Strait in concert than Justin Bieber.  

have lots of brothers and sisters instead of be an only child!

So tell me one I would rather statement about YOU!


  1. I legit agree with all of this!

  2. Sooooo agree. I am so jealous you get to see George Strait, my Dad would be too. So awesome. New follower by the way! :) hi!

  3. I really really love this post!! I would rather work all day doing graphic design than go back to a 9-5 boring desk job!!


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