01 October 2012

It's October.

How it's October, I'm not quite possible, but I'm not complaining! I love this time of year!  Anywho, I didn't really have anything overly important to write about today, so I thought I would do a little grab bag of sorts :) 

-one- Mady & I spent the morning, early afternoon together yesterday, and it was amazing to have some sista time!  I miss that when she's constantly hanging out with her friends!  We went to Caribou, church and then to the outlets for some sister shopping!  We both found stuff we la-la-la-loved, so we left happy.  I'll be sharing about my awesome customer service at a certain store tomorrow! 

-two- I'm loving this cooler weather(other than Wed) Minnesota has been experiencing, what I'm not loving? The fact that the high for later in the week is in the FORTIES!  That's craziness right there. 

-three- 90's country is always playing in my ears! It's my most listened to Pandora Station by far & I am obsessed. 

-four- I am sponsoring some sweet ladies & an awesome guy this month!  Becky, Kate, Aly, Neely, Jess & Nathan

-five- I am also offering sponsor swaps again this month, and if you wanna get in on that sweet deal, head over to this page! 

-six- I'm taking my driver's test either tomorrow or Wednesday, so good vibes for that would be ahmazing!   I'm so ready! 

-seven- I wanna know more about you!  Will you tell me more here

-eight- linking up with the lovely Meg for Mingle Monday! Go join the party! 

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