21 August 2012

Show & Tell #1

If you were searching for a home right now, what would be on your must list?
-a pool: Gotta keep cool in the Minnesota heat and humidity!
-a hammock: take a nap and a nice reading area.
-my own office: for blogging and studying!

Show me your favorite room in a house?
I love offices that are spacious, like this one:

                                                                                       Source: shepaysless.com via Shane on Pinterest

I love the zebra print and the black and white!

If you could have any room redone, which would it be and what would you have done?

I'd love my own room, right now, I'm sharing with my sister.  I would have a chalkboard wall, I would have a wall of bookshelves and then I would have a nice little desk/office nook.  

Tell me where your favorite stores are to shop for home decor?
I don't really buy myself stuff for the house, considering I still live at home.  I do like pottery barn and a chic look I guess, I don't know really haha. 

Show me your dream home
                                                                                   Source: google.com via Magen on Pinterest

I love the look of this house!   

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