06 August 2012

Great Monday.

Today was pretty awesome!

I got to sleep until 10:30 which is virtually unheard of. Did a few chores and then just relaxed most of the day.

Around 4:30 Mady and I decided we were going to go tubing down the Elk(a river) that runs right through our backyard, we thought hey what the heck why not bring Cooper.  Yeah, that didn't work so well. We started off by the bridge, and right after the first turn, we hear the hissing that indicates that her tube has a hole.  Not just a tiny hole though, a big hole.  So we walk back upstream, get her a new tube and bring the dog back home, then we went and tubed and were able to actually get all the way down to my grandma and grandpa's which is where we get off & my grandma asked if we wanted to go see Ice Age: Continental Drift and we both were really wanting to see it, so we agreed, and we just got home from her house after seeing the movie and then having homemade peach pie.

Mady and I are just watching The Ex and falling asleep.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for 8 days and then it's vacation time!

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  1. that sounds like a pretty awesome time! I need to go tubing soon... haven't gone all summer because we've been too busy :(

    hope you have a fabulous vacation!

    <3 Amy

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