17 March 2016

The House That Built Me.

I was never the girl who wanted to move away and spread her wings. I wanted out of city life and to move to the country, which I did. My mom lived in the city and my dad lives in the country.

 Now that I'm here, I don't see myself leaving.  I obviously moved out of my parents house, but I will always consider that house home, it's my childhood(from the age of 9 anyways), up until the day I moved out at just over 22.

It holds the tears of hearing that my Grandpa had cancer and then more tears when it came back a few years later.

It holds the laughter of two sisters that went from hating each other to being each other's best friends.
It holds apologies from each of us after we hurt each other.

It holds memories of card games at the kitchen table, movie nights in our room(mady & I shared a room), family meetings on Saturday mornings where we would all huddle on Lynn-Mom and Dad's bed to discuss the plans for the day.

It holds hard discussions after making big mistakes but it also holds forgiveness and grace.

They always say you can't go back, but I've always known that if need be, home would be there for me with open arms.

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