02 February 2016

S&T: How to Win My Heart.

So as I told my parents last night, I'm in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future--my Dad thought that was hilarious, anywho, I thought I'd join up with Andrea from Momfessionals to share with you that once a guy is pursuing me, what he can do to win my heart

Dance with me//I love the way that my Grandma and Grandpa are always dancing together & that they are so in sync with each other that they just know how to work the floor together so seamlessly.

Grab a coffee with me//I love catching up with the ones near and dear to me over a cup of coffee or tea or whatever strikes their fancy. It's all about the fact that you're taking time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with me, just catching up on life. LOVE it.

Hug me//I'm just like Olaf, I love warm hugs & I've heard that I'm a pretty great hugger :)

Be Honest//One of the biggest things for me is honesty and trustworthiness.

Love God//I'm perfectly content riding backseat when it comes to your relationship with Jesus, but after him, I want to be number 1.  #sorrynotsorry

What's one way to win your heart?

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  1. I love surprises. Big or small I don't care. Tony will randomly call me out of the blue when I know he's super busy at work but he'll call me just to tell me he loves me. It's not a long conversation, but the fact that he thought about it means a lot.


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