03 February 2016

I Confess..

It's Wednesday & I haven't done any confessing lately, so here goes!

I confess that this is the first year that I'm truly into the Super Bowl, I'm pretty pumped to cheer for the Panthers, it's a far cry from the year that I was cheering for "Tony Dungy and the Bears." #majorfail I mean I know that I was cheering for Tony Dungy's team, who just happened to be playing the Bears.

I confess I thought today was my humpday, but considering I was off Monday and Tuesday and only work Wednesday through Friday this week before having the weekend off it's not, but Friday will actually be my a Friday for me so that's awesome yeah?

I confess that I'd be perfectly fine if we had snow over Christmas and none the rest of the winter.

I confess that I'll probably wait until the very last minute to schedule an appointment with the oral surgeon, because OUCH!

What are you confessing today?

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  1. I kinda want one more big snow. However, it's because I want more work from home days!

    I've been procrastinating doctors appointments too, all though I'm sure mine is a lot less worse than yours. Just a physical for me.


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