28 October 2015

What's Up Wednesday?

What I'm eating this week:

I probably have mentioned it quite often here on the blog, but I'm very spoiled and blessed by my work family. Well, my friend Michelle brought me in some homemade tuna salad & my work momma is always bringing me homemade leftovers & I've been promised a Taco Johns date tomorrow afternoon since it's been too long since our last one. Also my friend Baillie and I are going over to one of our other coworker's house for dinner tomorrow night, so I'm eating pretty good.    

What I'm Reminiscing About:
The fact that summer is most definitely over up here in good ol' Minnesota, we've got the dreaded S-word in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow, but back up into the 60s next week they tell me sooo, I guess I can't complain too much.  

What I'm Loving:
My new morning routine that I've started this week. I get my coffee started, do my quiet time, doctor up my coffee & then sit down to read blogs.  I'm loving that I start my day out with God & that I'm sticking with it. I know it's only three days in so far, but I'm sad to say, this is the longest I've stuck with a concentrated effort to spend time in the Word consistently & routinely. 

What I've been up to:
We are in the middle of a remod at work and it's starting to wrap itself up, I'm definitely enjoying my new work digs. I finished my binge of Blue Bloods about a week ago and it's definitely made it's way onto my favorites list, not quite at an Army Wives level of love, but close! Also prepping for NaNoWriMo! 

What I'm dreading:
That I'll more than likely have to work on Black Thursday. Yes, it's not even Black Friday to me anymore.  It's quite frustrating but I digress. 

What I'm working on:
At the moment? This blog post haha. But I'm working out some details for my NaNo novel and compiling a playlist for the  month.  

What I'm excited about:
Seeing my coworker that Baillie and I are having dinner with tomorrow night! It's been over three months. 

What I'm watching/reading:
Blue Bloods, Scandal, Grey's & The Voice are my top watches at the moment. Ending my nights with a few Army Wives clips because I may be a tad obsessed. For whatever reason I can't get into How to Get Away with Murder this season.  & reading? What's that. I can't remember the last book I read.  Which is depressing to me. 

What I'm listening to:
My collect-all current faves playlist on Spotify.  

What I'm wearing:
My favorite sweats that my Lynn-Mom made me(she didn't actually make them, but she does screen-printing on the side & I get the throwaways, that still are functional but customers won't buy them.)

What I'm doing this weekend:
Working. & getting ready to start NaNo on Sunday! 

What I'm looking forward to next month:
THANKSGIVING. Even if I'm going to have to work it, it is what it is :) 

What else is new:
Not much. The above pretty much sums it up!
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